Add Beading to Any Board

Posted by David Pickard on

Simple way to add beading to any board Beadboard is generally available only in certain stock sizes. The sizes fit most any application, but when you have a custom woodworking project, sometimes the stock sizes just don't fit right. What can you do when you run into this problem? The solution is pretty simple actually. This simple technique let's you turn any board into an antique looking beadboard. All you need is a 3/16 X 3/16 router bit, a point-cutting router bit, or a dado blade on your table saw, and a 3/16" dowel strip. Typical beadboard beading is 3 inches from the center of one bead to the next. Set your dado blade and run your dadoes 3 inches apart along the section of board you intend to use for your project. Next, run a bead of glue the length of each of your dadoes. Finally, insert your wooden dowels into each of the dadoes. You can cut them to length before you insert them or after they're glued into place according to your preference. This is a super simple way to add a nice vintage beadboad look to any board or woodworking project. Follow us on Facebook for more router and woodworking tips.  This woodworking tip originally came from Popularwoodworking


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