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Carbide-tipped Countersinks
These Blue Tornado' carbide-tipped countersinks are long-lasting and do not wobble or burn wood like...
$19.49 $18.49
Carbide Counterbores
These carbide-tipped counterbores are the longest-lasting and most durable counterbores. They are not recommended to...
$46.59 $44.29
Carbide-Tipped Plug Cutters
Designed for clean cutting and hardened for long life. These plug cutters do not eject...
$155.29 $147.49
Carbide Countersinks
The Carbide Countersink is not designed for use in metals or in hand held equipment...
$40.69 $38.69
Carbide-Tipped Adjustable Counterbores
These carbide-tipped adjustable counterbores provide superior performance in those tough drilling jobs such as hardwoods,...
$72.19 $68.59
Carbide-Tipped Counterbores / Face Frame Bit with HSS Drill
These carbide-tipped adjustable counterbores also known as face frame bits perform well for those tough...
$6.69 $6.39