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45-Degree Lock Miter Cutter Head & Knives
CMT lock miter cutter head bits are ideal for milling miter joints in max 1inch...
$4.19 $3.89
45-Deg Chamfer Cutter Head
CMT Chamfer cutter head cuts clean, accurate bevels, chamfers and joints that are great for...
$4.19 $3.89
One Piece Rail & Stile Cutter Head & Knives
This cutter head represents the union of two cutters in one tool and it is...
$4.19 $3.89
Universal Shaper Cutter Heads & Knives
CMT's high quality shaper cutterheads are the versatile, easy-to-use and cost effective solution to shaper...
$0.00 $0.00
Three-Piece Adjustable Grooving Set
Supplied in a solid plastic box, this 3-piece adjustable grooving set ideal tools to create...
$4.19 $3.89
Multiradius Roundover Cutter Head & Knives
Innovative cutter head supporting three different knives making six radius roundover profiles. The standard cutter...
$0.00 $0.00
Adjustable Rounding & Chamfering - 2 Piece Set
The CMT adjustable rounding and chamfering set is a two piece set which are easy...
$4.19 $3.89
Roundover & Cove Cutter Head & Knives
This cutter head is the perfect tool to make furniture, doors, and drawer fronts that...
$4.19 $3.89
Professional Finger Joint Cutter Head & Knives
The professional CMT finger joint cutter head lets you make one of the most incredibly...
$4.19 $3.89
Reverse Glue Joint Cutter Head & Knives
The most unique and important feature of this CMT cutter head is its capacity to...
$4.19 $3.89
Professional Raised Panel Cutter Head & Knives
We offer you the traditional approach to panel construction with the CMT raised panel cutter...
$4.19 $3.89
Profile and Counterprofile Cutter Head & Knives
The set has been designed to produce furniture and room doors in soft and hard...
$4.19 $3.89