Doweling Jig

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SKU: BH19625
Automatically centers when tightened down on your workpiece. Works on round, square, or irregular shaped stock up to 2 inches thick. Includes 6 bushings - 2 each -1/4 inch, 2 each 5/16 inch, and 2 each 3/8 inch. Excellent for drilling two same sized hole without having to move the jig. The jig also contains one each of 7/16 inch and 1/2 inch unbushed holes for a total of five dowel sizes.
Technical Info
Big Horn Corporation was started to fill a void noticed in the availability of small woodworking tools and accessories including wood routing and wood drilling accessories. Fortunately, the need for unique hard to find products which enabled Big Horns success in those early years is still with us today and they are still dedicated to finding those products for you.
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