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Clear PVC Flex Hose

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SKU: BH11294
Made of clear plastic, with a helix of heavy gauge wire, this quality hose is ideally suited for connecting machines to your dust collection system. This very flexible hose will make a 90 degree turn with only a 6 inch radius. Unlike hoses made completely of plastic, the wire cord supporting the hose can be grounded for a static free safe operation. Shipping and handling is a snap since a 10 foot section of this hose can be compressed to less than 36 inches. A boxed 20 foot hose does not incurr oversize shipping charges. When fully extended this hose measures as sold, but the relaxed length will vary depending on your application.

Technical Info
Big Horn Corporation was started to fill a void noticed in the availability of small woodworking tools and accessories including wood routing and wood drilling accessories. Fortunately, the need for unique hard to find products which enabled Big Horns success in those early years is still with us today and they are still dedicated to finding those products for you.
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