Self-Centering Vise

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SKU: BH14510
When drilling repeated on-center holes, this is the vise you need. Position the vise by closing it on a around rod chucked in the drill and fasten it to the table. The left-hand right-hand lead screws move the jaws simultaneously, centering anything placed in the vise. Opens to 2-1/4 inches and will center square blocks up to 1-1/2 inches. The space under vise jaws accepts spoil material up to 1/4 inch (not included). Made from solid aluminum with brass nuts and plated steel lead screw.

This dust collection hose is made of clear pvc with a helix of heavy gauge wire.  See the drop-down menu for size and length.

Technical Info

Big Horn Corporation was started to fill a void noticed in the availability of small woodworking tools and accessories including wood routing and wood drilling accessories. Fortunately, the need for unique hard to find products which enabled Big Horns success in those early years is still with us today and they are still dedicated to finding those products for you.  Big Horn has now been acquired my American General Tools, Inc.

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