Multi-Spur Bits (carbon-steel)

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SKU: WF55000500

These carbon-steel multi-spur bits will drill numerous holes and provide sharpness and durability. These multi-spur drill bits range in cutting diameters from 1/2 to 4 inches. All bits have 1/2 inch shanks. Size 3-1/8 to 4 inches sizes are available with 3/4 inch shanks and have an "S" after the item number. Legend below explains sizing. Select your item(s) then click Add to Cart.

Legend (in inches unless otherwise noted):
  • SHK - Shank Size
  • CD = Cutting Diameter
  • CD = Cutting Diameter
Technical Info
W.L. Fuller Inc. is a family owned, third generation, manufacturer of the best countersinks, counterbores, plug cutters, taper point drills, brad-point drills, and step drills. They have over 60 years of experience in manufacturing tools to cut woods, plastics, and metals.needs.
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