Profile and Counterprofile Cutter Head & Knives

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The set has been designed to produce furniture and room doors in soft and hard wood. It offers the versatility to mount five different knives producing the most popular classical profiles. The adjustable groover included in the set can also be used individually for carrying out 5/16 to 19/32 inchthick adjustable grooves. Perfect for solid woods and panel materials in max 48mm stock.  Technical details: - Heavy duty aluminum alloy body (1 & 2). - Super-strength steel body for heads type (3). - 2 solid carbide knives type (A1) 25x29.8x2mm [Z2]. - 2 solid carbide knives type (A2) 25x29.8x2mm [Z2]. - 2 solid carbide knives 7.65x12x1.5mm [Z2]. - 4 solid carbide knives 14x14x1.2mm [V4]. - 12 spacer rings from 0.1 to 3mm for heads type (1 & 2). - 12 spacer rings from 0.1 to 2mm for heads type (3). - Tools for manual feed MAN. - Pins for the automatic positioning of the knives. Supplied in a solid plastic box.

CMT products are manufactured for industrial applications and woodworking cutting tools are utilized by world leading furniture makers, kitchen manufacturers and CNC machinery manufacturers. Because of our intense investment in advanced production technology, CMT is able to offer industrial tooling at an affordable price to an ever growing following of cabinet makers, Contractor ITK-PLUSs and woodworkers as well our manufacturing customers.

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