Straight Dovetail Router Bits

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Panel Pilot Router Bits
Panel pilot router bits allow a drill-through point for self-starting while the pilot will act...
$8.62 $8.19
Straight Router Bits - Double Flute
Our double-flute straight router bits are carbide-tipped and cut clean edges and smooth flat-bottom grooves...
$13.05 $12.39
Straight Cut Router Bits
Micro-grain solid carbide straight cut router bits are a must for all woodshopbs. SST100-130 router...
$18.17 $17.29
Mortise Bits screw-on
These carbide-tipped screw-on mortise router bits offer you interchangeable cutters and long-lasting service. Designed for...
$4.26 $4.09
Stair Tread & Bottom Cleaning Router Bits
Southeast Tool's stair tread and bottom cleaning router bits are used frequently in routing stair...
$30.01 $28.49
Bowl & Tray Router Bits
Southeast Tool's carbide-tipped bowl and tray router bits are perfect for routing bowls, trays, or...
$22.50 $21.39
Straight Router Bits - Single Flute
These single-flute carbide-tipped straight router bits are produce clean grooves and smooth edges on hardwood...
$12.50 $11.89
Woodshopbits Bowl & Tray Router Bit
Woodshopbits bowl and tray router bit produces a 1/8" radius when recessing a bowl or...
Center Pilot Stagger Router Bits
Southeast Tool's carbide-tipped center pilot stagger router bits are construction type bits. These panel pilot...
$37.05 $35.19
Staggertooth Router Bits
Staggertooth router bits have two cutting edges that spaced 180 degrees apart which are each...
$17.50 $16.59
Dovetail Router Bits
Southeast Tool's dovetail router bits are a must for making those dove tail joints you're...
$18.77 $17.89
Mortise Router Bits
Carbide-tipped mortise router bit are specifically made for perfect flat-botton mortises. Industrial quality mortising bits...
$14.38 $13.69