Durable Work Surfaces

Posted by David Pickard on

Take a look at this shop-built miter saw table!  Are you looking for a  good durable work surface for your router table or miter saw table.    Try covering it with Formica or a plastic laminate.  This will give you a  surface that will last decades and it is much more durable than  melamine or a simple plywood or MDF surface.  It is very simple to  put Formica on a plywood or MDF.  Simply apply contact cement to  the surface and the Formica, let it sit for 15-20 minutes until it feels dry but tacky.  Carefully, place the Formica on the surface and apply about 75 lbs of pressure working from the middle to the edges.  A rolling pin or large dowel is ideal for doing this.  Be sure and cut the Formica so it overlaps the edges by approximately 1/2".  Once you start placing the Formica on the surface you are committed so be sure and line it up properly.  If you want to be safe, leave more than 1/2" overhang on all edges to allow for more leeway in placing the Formica on the surface to be covered.  When you are done, use the straight edge or bevel edge router bit with bearing to trim the Formica to the edge.


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