Easy-to-Make Treatment for Your Wooden Cutting Boards & Utensils

Posted by David Pickard on

Here is an easy recipe to keep your cutting boards and wooden utensils in tip top shape.  All you need is mineral oil and beeswax.  Mineral oil can be purchased in the pharmacy section of your store.  Beeswax, although a little harder to come by, can be purchased on the Internet or at a specialty bee keeping store if you have one in your area.  Farm and ranch stores or other specialty stores might carry beeswax as well.  The granular beeswax is best because it melts faster but solid pieces of beeswax will work.  Beeswax is generally yellow or white.  It doesn't matter which color you use.  Here's the formula:

Ingredients: 1.5 cups of mineral oil 1/2 cup of beeswax

Place the ingredients in a metal pan or other container.  Place the container over a  low heat source.  Stir it just until the beeswax has completely dissolved.  Be very careful not to drip any of the ingredients on the heat source (especially an open flame) because it is flammable.  Once dissolved remove it from the heat and let it cool for a few minutes and then pour it into one or more glass or plastic containers.  Don't wait too long or the solution will solidify.

This formula should result in a relatively soft wax that is easy to apply using your hand or a cloth.  The more beeswax you add, the harder the wax paste will be.

Once you have poured the dissolved solution into containers, wipe out the pan immediately with a paper towel.  Wash it in hot soapy water and it will be as clean as when you started.

You will also discover that the finished product makes a great treatment for your hands and lips.

Simple to make and you'll love it.


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