Fold Away, Bench Top and Floor Router Table Ideas

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Fold Away, Bench Top, and Floor Mounted Router Tables DIY Router Tables

Router tables provide a great way for woodworking enthusiasts to convert a potable router into an invaluable custom woodworking tool. You can do some awesome projects by mounting a portable router to a table and making it a stable and more permanent woodworking tool. Depending on the size of your router and the workspace you have available to you there are several options when choosing a router table. There are portable options as well as floor tables that will provide a more stationary function. Take into consideration type of projects you do and which size table will best suit your woodworking needs. We will take a look at several table options to help you to make the choice you need.

Fold-Away Router Table

When shop space is scarce a fold-away router table may provide the answer you need. It will provide ample workspace but it will fold away when not in use. This plan will also provide you with a great workspace when you need it. Simple Fold Away Router Table Here is a great set of plans for you to consider when it comes to portability as well as functionality: Click Here

Bench Top Router Table

If you don’t have the extra space in your workshop for a floor mounted router you may want to consider a bench top router. At times you will also find the need where two router will be handy. Bench Top Router Table You can use your floor mounted router as well as constructing this simple bench top router to meet just that need. This project can be accomplished very easily by following these plans: Click Here This is an easy project that will provide you with a low cost solution in your router table decision.

Floor Model Router Table

A floor model is a great choice if you have the room available in your shop. You can build a floor model router table to fit just about any need and situation that you will come across in woodworking. You can add drawers for router bit storage as well as accessory storage. Mount you favorite heavy duty router to a floor model base and you're set for all types of custom router projects. Floor Mounted Router Table This is a great project for the more advanced woodworker. You can choose a higher quality material that can be stained and sealed with a good quality polyurethane. You can then add raised panel doors to finish off your floor model router table. You can also use materials such as MDF and paint to lower the cost of your project. Another option that you may want to consider is adding a set of wheels so the table can be moved around in the shop for convenience and cleaning. Click Here for full instructions Regardless of the decision you make to adapt a router table for your shop area there are a ton of ideas out there. The only real thing for you to consider is the needs that you have when it comes to a router table. The type of woodworking projects you decide to do as well as the size of your shop will help you make the final decision.


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