Space-Saving DIY Clamp Rack

Posted by David Pickard on

_DSC1567Build a space-saving DIY clamp rack which is convenient and easily to use.  The wood is poplar because of its straight grain resulting in very little warpage.  The clamps are pipe clamps but other similar type clamps could be used.  The tracks the clamps sit in are 3 boards glued and screwed together to form a "U".  You could cut the track in a piece of wood thicker than 3/4 inches using a dado blade or shaper cutter, also. This rack holds 10 clamps spaced 7 inches apart.  It folds against the wall when the bottom supports are folded in.  With them out. it is easy to stack boards in the clamps, slide the top part of the clamp down to the boards to be glued, and tighten the clamps.  Use an industrial quality carbide-tipped saw blade for clean, smooth cuts that require little planing.  The narrow top strip holds the clamps in place and allows them to be easily lifted out if you want to use them in other applications.  Use it to clamp short pieces, long pieces, or in-between pieces.  This clamp rack will be a great addition to your shop.


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