Mammy's Carrots

Posted by David Pickard on

 I built some 3' x 3' grow boxes for Mammy in my woodshop.  I used  some end pieces left over from building our Trex deck on the back of  our house.  I figured Trex wouldn't rot like wood does.  Once built we  filled the grow box with one-third peat moss, one-third manure, and  one-third vermiculite.  Well, take a look at the carrots Mammy grew  last summer.  Pretty impressive!  She juices them and adds a little  spinach and makes me drink it each morning.  I think she is trying to keep me healthy or cure my baldness or something.  I have to admit, it is pretty tasty stuff although when she adds the spinach it turns an ugly dark green color.  I just close my eyes and gulp it down.  They say that fresh spinach is the best whole food there is and carrots are good for your eyes.  Come to think of it, I've never seen a rabbit wearing glasses.  My daughter-in-law is into green stuff, also.  She's diabetic and takes great care of herself.  When she tells people she has four children, they can't believe it.  The only problem is when you visit them there is green stuff everywhere.  I went to get some ice cubes for my Coke and flakes of leaves were in the ice cubes.  Every other thing in the refrigerator was a bag of fresh leafy greens.  Have you ever had green spaghetti sauce?  Just as I expected, you didn't think there was such a thing.  Well there is because I have eaten it.  It's not bad but it has that ugly dark green color, again.  And speaking of the ice for my Coke, my daughter-in-law thinks that Coke is bad for you.  She might be right but I like my daily Coke so I simply tell her if it will clean toilets, it is bound to keep my insides clean.  Well, I'm not sure how this post got from carrots to Coke but it did.  It's simply time to quit.


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