The Making of a Cupola

Posted by David Pickard on

 I've been building a cupola for Mammy's greenhouse. Why I like  cupolas will come later in this blog post. You say, what is a cupola?  There are many definitions but the one I am referring to relates to  architecture...."In architecture, a cupola is a small, most-often  dome-like structure, on top of a building, often used to provide a  lookout or to admit light and air, it usually crowns a larger roof or  dome". Some things just don't look finished or seem complete without the topping. For example, look at the pictures of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. The small dome like structures on top are cupolas. What a marvelous addition that is to this magnificent structure. It would be a whole lot less awe-inspiring without the cupolas on top. Mammy and I have been there and believe me, it is an impressive sight, both inside and outside. Likewise, the good old USA would not be complete without a hat and Canada is America's hat. You can read all about it at my daughter's blog....and a mighty fine blog at that! You see, she married a Canadian....and a mighty fine Canadian at that! Some things just have to have the topping. Look at the strawberry shortcake my Grandson E made. When I grew up you always put the shortcake on the bottom, the whip cream next, and the strawberries on the top. He has the order a bit confused (you know these modern day teenagers) but I'm sure it tasted great. So whatever order you choose to arrange this grand desert, it just wouldn't be strawberry shortcake without the top layer. So our greenhouse which needs a lot more ventilation was a perfect candidate for a cupola. How cool! Trying to convince Mammy of my plans, I told her about the desperate need for ventilation and the fact that our greenhouse would be the only one in the neighborhood with a cupola on top. She then asked me, "Why do we need a cupola..... we are the only greenhouse in the neighborhood". The "only" argument failed but the ventilation argument convinced her. I think I have partially answered the question about why I like cupolas. Doesn't that word have a special ring to it.....C..U..P..O..L..A. The other reason I like cupolas is that I'm bald. I always feel more comfortable in public with a hat on. I look better that way. Think of all the buildings in the world that are hatless. It makes a grown man cry! Buildings look so much better with cupolas especially if they can be put to a useful purpose. Mammy's greenhouse is no exception. By the way, here are some great instructions on "How to Build a Cupola". I'll keep you posted with before and after pictures so you can see the brilliance and beauty of my thinking. Some time later.......Well, it's finally done!  You can click here to see all the pics and the completed cupola!


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