Wood Butter

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Wood Butter?  What?  You've heard of regular butter, peanut butter,  almond butter, apple butter, but wood butter?  Sounds tasty, eh?    Well, you probably don't want to eat this stuff.  Have you ever eaten  dutch oven mutton?  Actually , it is one of my favorite meats but it has  to be almost burned to a crisp.  It's pretty tasty but you need one of  those rubber spatulas your wife uses in the kitchen to scrap the  grease off the top of your mouth.  Hey, I didn't say it was healthy, just good!  I'm sure wood butter wouldn't be as tasty and you would definitely have to use the spatula after eating it. All kidding aside, wood butter is used to keep those wooden spoons and bowls in your kitchen treated so they sparkle and shine and don't dry up and crack.  I'm sure some of you have built a cutting board and used mineral oil on it.  Well, wood butter is an even better treatment.  My daughter brought the recipe to my attention and pinned it on PinterestClick here for the recipe!  This is a great treatment for woodworkers who want to put a shine and preservative on those turned bowls, cutting boards, or other woodworking projects. Please note:  Housewives, I assume no liability for your husbands making and bottling this in your fruit jars in your kitchen.  You might want to help him out.

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  • So glad you enjoyed the wood butter. Believe me…considering that I most often provide recipes for ‘real’ food I had plenty of people wonder what the heck ‘wood’ butter was. I gave it for holiday gifts; I already have people begging for refills. I enjoyed your post!

    Barbara | Creative Culinary on

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