Wood Glued!

Posted by David Pickard on

 I'm a conesouir of glue. I know there must be some recipes somewhere made  from glue (after all, flour is just a form of glue). Two of my bad habits are Diet  Coke and picking glue off my hands. Caution: There is some glue you just can't  pick off your hands and it could be dangerous to try. For instance, don't try  mixing up a batch of epoxy glue and spreading it all over your hands, letting it  dry and then try picking it off. The kind of glue I'm talking about is good old  Elmer's glue. I blame my 4th grade teacher for getting me hooked on this stuff and also my friend in the 4th grade (he broke the habit and is now a successful disc jockey in Denver). My teacher simply supplied us with the glue...you know, kind of like drug dealers supplying their customers with dope with no sense of responsibility. However, she had no idea we were spreading it on our hands and fingers when she wasn't looking, letting it dry, and then picking it off and rolling it into little balls. Looking back, I think that's one of the reasons I got into woodworking. I knew that when I glued boards together, I would just have to get some glue on my hands. The other reason is that I had a friend who had a woodshop when I was growing up who showed me a lot of woodworking techniques and skills. Woodworking has been and is a great hobby and provides stress relief and hours of enjoyment. So I'm kind of grateful my 4th grade teacher got me hooked on glue and my friend who provide me a place to learn.


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