Multi-Spur Counterbores

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These multi-spur counterbores made from high quality carbon tool steel are designed to counterbore flat bottom holes greater than 1 inch. These are also available with carbide tips by special order. The center drill is not included and is held in place with two opposing set screws. Perfect for counterboring those oversize flat bottom holes. Industrial quality cutting bits manufactured by Robert Larson in Germany. Legend below explains sizing. Select your item(s) then click Add to Cart.

Legend (in inches unless otherwise noted):
  • OD = Outside Diameter
  • HD = Hole Diameter
  • OL = Overall Length
Technical Info

W.L. Fuller Inc. is a family owned, third generation, manufacturer of the best countersinks, counterbores, plug cutters, taper point drills, brad-point drills, and step drills. They have over 60 years of experience in manufacturing tools to cut woods, plastics, and metals.needs.

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