Taper-Point Point Drill Bits - Regular Length (5/64 to 3/8)

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These regular-length taper-point drill bits come in sizes from 5/64 to 3/8 inches and are made of HSS (high-speed steel) for longer lasting cutting edges. Our tapered-drills are made in standard fractional sizes to fit all sizes of countersinks and counterbores with sizes and lengths to match most popular wood screws. The WF200 series are short length, the WF201 series are regular length, and the WF202 series are long length. These general purpose series are recommended for most jobs whether in a drill press or hand-held equipment. The WF209 series have a 5-1/2 inch flute length with an 8 inch overall length and are designed to cut faster and clear chips better than the general purpose type. This type can only be used in a drill press or other stationary equipment. The cutting action is too aggressive for hand held equipment. These fast spiral drill bits are recommended for high production in hard woods. Distributed by WL Fuller, known for their quality products. Legend below explains sizing. Select your item(s) then click Add to Cart.

Legend (in inches unless otherwise noted):
  • SHK = Shank Size
  • WSS = Wood Screw Size
  • CD = Cutting Diameter
  • FL = Flute Length
  • OL = Overall Length
Technical Info
W.L. Fuller Inc. is a family owned, third generation, manufacturer of the best countersinks, counterbores, plug cutters, taper point drills, brad-point drills, and step drills. They have over 60 years of experience in manufacturing tools to cut woods, plastics, and metals.