Brad-Point Spur Machine Drill Bits (Carbide-Tipped with 1/2" shanks)

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These carbide-tipped brad-point spur machine drill bits will give you excellent performance in softwoods, hardwoods, and plastics. They are manufactured by Comsurge, Inc. and are known to cut smooth holes with almost no tearout. All of these brad-points have 1/2 inch shanks and are typically used in spur machines, however, they will give you an excellent performance in a home, professional, or industrial shop.

Carbide Brad Point Drill Bits by Comsurge, Inc.

Legend (in inches unless otherwise noted):
  • SHK = Shank
  • CD = Cutting Diameter
  • TL = Twist Length
  • OL = Overall Length
Technical Info
Comsurge has been designing and manufacturing cutting tools for over 25 years and is recognized as a dependable source for high quality tools. They are a well-known, respected custom-made tooling supply company. In order to supply the best values in the market for cutting tool services, their company's goal is to improve the quality of our products and upgrade production facilities. Our customers can achieve higher profit margins by selling our tools.
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