Spare Parts for CMT Cutter Heads

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SKU: CMT692.999.01

This is a list of spare parts for your CMT Cutterheads. It includes wedges, set screws, Torx screws, thread rings, spacer ring kits, hex keys, and Torx keys.If you can't find the part number here, please give us a call at 801-592-7835.

Technical Info
Reiprocating saw blades can be manufactured in many various shapes and thickness. Shape and thickness are adjusted to fit the application and required flexibility. Demanding applications such as cutting tube/pipe require a thick blades, while less demanding applications require a narrower blade. CMT products are manufactured for industrial applications and woodworking cutting tools are utilized by world leading furniture makers, kitchen manufacturers and CNC machinery manufacturers. Because of our intense investment in advanced production technology, CMT is able to offer industrial tooling at an affordable price to an ever growing following of cabinet makers, contractors and woodworkers as well our manufacturing customers.
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